Enjoying a perfect cup of coffee, either in the coffee bar or in your own home, is the end result of a long process that begins far away. Mokaor selects the highest quality coffee beans in every part of the world, from the very popular Brazilian Arabica to the most exclusive varieties, such as Jamaica Blue Mountain.
In the coffee roasting process in Vercelli each bean is processed with the utmost care. The different qualities of coffee are roasted separately to preserve their uniqueness, and although the process is industrial it is closely supervised by master roasters, who manually check the temperature and the degree of roasting to make sure that each bean has the richest aroma possible.


Gourmet, Superbar, Intenso, Classico, Tradizione and Brio are just some of the many varieties of Mokaor coffee that can be found in the best coffee bars in Italy.
From refined blends to coffee made from one carefully selected quality of bean, Mokaor markets a wide range of products, which are distributed in coffee bars throughout Italy and abroad thanks to the expertise of our Mokaor agents, who offer valuable support to barmans who serve Mokaor coffee with its unmistakable aroma. This is the very same aroma that characterises the products made for home consumption: a balanced blend of taste and tradition, that satisfies even the most demanding palates.


A passion for quality leads Mokaor to search far and wide for the finest possible raw materials.
The beans used in preparing the Mokaor blends have been carefully selected from the best plantations in the world:  Brazilian Arabica, including the highly prized Santos Alpha, the Robusta species, the great Colombian, Hawaiian and Cuban species and other more exclusive varieties such as the superb Jamaica Blue Mountain, imported in special wooden casks that preserve its incomparable flavour. All the numerous varieties of coffee, each with its virtues and its own special characteristics, are used by Mokaor either pure or blended together to obtain different harmonious flavours and aromas. Our manufacturing process begins, therefore, with the raw coffee, which is tasted first in the sampling stage and again on receipt of the goods. If the coffee is still unripe it is left to ripen for as much as one or two months, until it reaches the right stage for processing.


Although in Mokaor factories processing is carried out industrially we share the same attitude and attention to quality as the artisan. While many manufacturers today roast the coffee for a maximum of 3-4 minutes, the procedure adopted by Mokaor requires up to 18 minutes, because the highest quality deserves the correct amount of time. Our master roasters carefully monitor the roasting process, checking the colour and aroma of the beans – a process that may be longer and more complex, but allows us to obtain a product of the highest quality.
In addition, since the different types of single-origin coffee are all unique they are roasted separately to bring out the special characteristics of each quality of bean and skillfully balance the different shades of flavour.


We at Mokaor know that a good coffee is not the same in every part of the world, and this is why we have always strived to create blends that cater to the varied preferences of our customers, both in Italy and abroad. And as we do this we remain true to a mission that has been handed down from generation to generation – to prefer the quality of the product over quantity. Mokaor applies this company rule by thoroughly monitoring each stage of the processing of the product, from selecting the beans to roasting and blending. So every time you go into one of the many coffee bars displaying the Mokaor sign, or enjoy our excellent coffee at home, you will always have the assurance of an exclusive aroma produced by a great tradition.