Dark brown

If espresso coffee is dark it will probably have a slightly ‘burnt’ flavour.
This can be due to over-roasting, a poor quality blend, or an error on the part of the barman. The first experiments carried out by Mokaor’s founder, Cavalier Cassi, were geared to identifying a blend that was not overly roasted, unlike those that were on the market at the time.


‘Monk’s tunic’ brown

A warm, deep shade, reminiscent of a monk’s tunic: this is the colour that characterises a great coffee. There are many factors that contribute to excellence: a superior quality blend, such as Arabica, an even roasting, but also the work of an attentive and skilled barman.


Light brown

Coffee that is too light in colour, almost beige, is coffee that has not been well prepared by the barman.
One reason may be an incorrect grinding of the beans, a very important phase that can be varied by the barman to ensure the right drop time.


It is not easy for the average consumer to distinguish all the aromas contained in a cup of coffee.

True coffee connoisseurs, on the other hand, are able to identify the different scents, such as those of fruit and nuts, especially walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds.
Many coffee lovers, meanwhile, appreciate the combination of coffee with the sweetness of chocolate, although some varieties of coffee already have an aroma of chocolate, such as in the case of the variety Mokaor Intenso.
Lastly, certain qualities of coffee have a ‘roasted’ scent, which carries hints of grains or caramel.



An overly-bitter coffee has a low percentage of Arabica in the blend. All Mokaor varieties have a ‘neutral’, moderate character that allows you to enjoy the pure taste of the coffee thanks to the high quality of the raw materials used.


A full-bodied, creamy coffee is always very popular, especially to Italians, for whom the cream on an espresso is a must. This creaminess is obtained by adding a certain amount of Robusta coffee to the blend. Mokaor stands out for its ability to create a perfectly balanced blend, with just the right amount of Robusta.


We at Mokaor give great importance to this factor, and our coffee has always been ‘neutral’ in flavour and very easy to digest. A highly digestible coffee is also characterised by a fresh, light, ‘sharp’ taste; this indicates a high percentage of the popular Arabica variety, which gives the coffee a delicate flavour that is highly appreciated, especially abroad.